About The Wasted Lands

Nearly thirty years ago, Dave Dorman first had a notion or two about a far-away place unlike anything else he’d seen in his career as a legendary comic book artist and illustrator. An Eisner award-winner, Dave was also a master story-teller. So, it was probably inevitable that what would start out as a little project known as “Projectile World” would eventually become something larger. 

Something grander.

Definitely more deadly.

Welcome to The Wasted Lands

Stories bubble up from the place known as The Wasted Lands with a ferocity. Odd characters, strange places, epic conflicts and off-beat humor define this most desolate place and time. It’s been that way since the beginning.

And it’s a tradition that carries on today.

You see, The Wasted Lands is the panoramic setting of an even larger story. The amazing tales we share with you weave a larger web of deciet, destruction, action and adventure meant to delight and thrill audiences of all ages.

We’ve chosen a time and place reminiscent of the turn of the 20th Century and use a story-telling device – the pulp magazine, complete with thrilling stories of every genre complimented by Dave Dorman’s outstanding art – to lend a bit of verisimilitude to the whole experience. 

Whether you choose to support this endeavor through your purchase of books and other merchandise or you just want to observe remotely via our website and social media channels … we bid you welcome and give you our thanks.

We’ll be seeing you in The Wasted Lands.