Cyrus Vanderbilt

Cyrus Vanderbilt

Wars rarely have winners and losers – but if one could pick a winner of the Iron Wars, it would be Cyrus Vanderbilt. Of the eight, major families that ruled the lands outside Mortal City, it was Vanderbilt’s landlocked empire, The Midlands Mining Company (TMMC), and its various subsidiaries that tamed the uncivilized region between the ancient walls of Mortal City and the stark range of mountains known as The Stone Curtain.

Built on the backs of thousands of laborers working in inhospitable conditions for decades, The Midlands Mining Company grew from the small, family business founded by Langley Collier as it passed from generation to generation of increasily uninterested heirs. Vanderbilt, the boyhood friend of Jacob Collier (the last Collier heir to serve as CEO) worked alongside his friend in the lead-up to The Iron Wars and then replaced Collier upon his death as both CEO of TMMC and as guardian for Jacob’s young son, Max.

While Max was in boarding schools, filling his head with dreams of adventure and discovery, Vanderbilt was busy consolidating his support for his takeover of TMMC and engineering a “successful conclusion” to the Iron Wars that saw TMMC establish control over half of the railway systems in The Wasted Lands.

With greater access to more markets and more resources than any other individual south of The Stone Curtain, it was arguable that Cyrus Vanderbuilt was the most wealthy man in The Wasted Lands. And with every passing day, Vanderbilt’s fortune continued to grow.

And with it. So did his power.



Riding through the dust, dirt and grasslands that make up the Outland Plain, Edgar “Edge” Wallace is one of an elite group of lawmen charged with keeping the freefolk of the Unity Federation safe from mercenaries, carpet baggers and the dreaded Hollow Men.

From Chronicles of The Wasted Lands (2013)

Edgar “Edge” Wallace is aranger who  patrols the region known as the Outland Plains on a massive motorcycle. He earned the name “Edge” early on in his crime fighting career when it became known that he preferred to take risks and “live on the edge” if there was a chance of capturing a criminal or saving someone’s life.

Landslides miss him. Stampedes avoid hm. Things just seem to keep working out. Every break seems to go Edge’s way – a fact that, in this world at least, means there’s more at work than just blind luck.

Edge also carries an old sword wrapped in an oil-stained cloth with him wherever he goes. The markings on the sword are in a forgotten language that he does not quite understand – but during his on-going adventures, he sees signs along the way.

M. d’Cease

M. d’Cease

Mortal City’s brightest investigative mind may be working in the dark corners of the city’s morgue. Meet M. d’Cease – a brilliant scientist with a history cloaked in shadows.

M. d’Cease has earned a reputation as Mortal City’s brightest mind when it comes to reading the tales buried inside the dead bodies that trail into the city morgue day after day.

But in addition to her reputation as a brilliant forensic coroner, M.’s personal history is cloaked in shadows. Some say she’s a refugee from the guerrilla wars being fought in the far-off Empire Forest. Others say she’s a witch of some sort, come from the Northland to prey on those deemed to be “undeserving.” Others still say she’s miss understood, claiming her detractors confuse her compassion for the less fortunate with a more sinister desire.

It’s possible they could all be right – to one degree or another.

From The Chronicles of the Wasted Lands (2013)

There’s only one woman in all of the Southern Lands’ capitol city who can hold her own with the man once known as “The Cleaner of Enigma” – the elite (and feared) special investigations unit of the Mortal City Force Police.

Her name is M. d’Cease and you don’t really want to meet her. That’s because as the coronoer for the MCFP, most of the citizens she meets are stone cold dead.

Which is fine by her.



Mortal City’s most persistent (and persistently annoying) private detective, Iguana has more than just one secret keeping him honest and she’s a real pain in the ear.

From the Chronicles of the Wasted Lands (2013)

“Iguana may be the mosts famous, bankrupt private eye in all fo Mortal City. And everyone who knows him – eitehr friend or foe – only know him by that name (or by the vairous epithets that get tossed his general direction.

Iguana is not an easy man to love. He doesn’t break hearts as much as shoot them full of holes, light them on fire and then crush what’s left to dust.

As a result, life as a private eye in Mortal City is a lonely existence – and he likes it that way. Or, at least part of him does.”