The Wasted Lands has a new online home

The Wasted Lands has a new online home

The Wasted Lands, the exciting world created by master illustrator and story-teller, Dave Dorman and writer, Miek Bawden, now has a new online home.

The website ( will serve as the online home for all news and information related to the duo’s fresh take on classic pulp fiction. With a wide selection of stories covering different “classic pulp” genres that can be read and enjoyed independently, Dave and Mike have carefully laid out a larger scheme that enables each individual story to contribute to the grand story arc.

“It’s a massive undertaking,” admits Mike. “And it’s taken us longer than expected to get it off the ground – but with the first edition of AMAZING TALES, we’re officially on our way.”


Dave and Mike intend to publish their pulp magazine, AMAZING TALES, on a regular basis (possibly as much as four times a year), with each issue containing a number of stories from The Wasted Lands universe. Most of the stories will be serialized – meaning they will continue from issue to issue – which will allow the creators to tell several stories simultaneously.

The first issue (Winter 2019) introduces three main characters to readers – all of whom have appeared in previous iterations of Wasted Lands stories created and written by Dave Dorman (with additional input and creative direction from Daven’s other collaborators, Del Stone and Steve Smith).

Those first-issue stories include:

NO TIME FOR GRATITUDE – Mortal City’s toughest private investigator (known as Iguana) takes on gangs, dirty cops and a flying monkey as he tries to rescue a kidnapped child. But just who’s rescuing whom?

THE IMPOSSIBLE JOB – Exotic and brainy in one small package, M. d’Cease, the best forensic investigator in the Mortal City Force Police, didn’t think there was any job too tough to handle. Until this one came along.

SHOWDOWN AT PINE BLUFF – What could possibly make the day tougher for Edgar Wallace, one of the legendary Riders of the Outland Plain, than finding a mass murderer terrorizing a small town? How about facing off against an army of the undead.

“Amazing Tales of The Wasted Lands #1” now in production

“Amazing Tales of The Wasted Lands #1” now in production

Eisner and Inkpot Award-winner and master illustrator, Dave Dorman and author, Mike Bawden are pleased to announce that they are collaborating on producing a bi-monthly, pulp magazine titled Amazing Tales of The Wasted Lands. The magazine represents a¬†bold update to the traditional pulp magazine. All of the stories contained in each issue take place in Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands – an incredibly fertile world filled with history AND mystery.

The diverse world Dave has created allows for exploration of all of the various pulp fiction genres, mashing them up in new and unexpected ways! We know you’ll find the stories both familiar and unexpected, and that you’ll enjoy the twists and turns we take with common tropes of pulp fiction.

The first issue of the magazine is currently in production and scheduled for its public debut to occur on November 3, 2017.

The Stories

There will be six stories in the first issue of Amazing Tales of The Wasted Lands” – each featuring unique characters you’ll only find in the imagination of a team like illustrator Dave Dorman and writer Mike Bawden.

No Time For Gratitude
Mortal City’s most misunderstood detective – the one they call Iguana – must rescue the infant son of a local bigwig, only to find out he’s in as much danger as the child. From gunfights on rooftops to slugfests on subways, this story has it all: action, adventure, a beautiful woman AND a flying monkey with a chronic gun problem.

It’s a chippy, hard-boiled, detective story with a sci-fi twist that can only exist in a place like Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands.

The Impossible Job
Join M. d’Cease, Mortal City’s exotic (some say odd) forensic coroner, who loses her job when the Enigma Squad (an elite, crime fighting division of the MCFP*) is terminated only to find adventure and peril lie just around the corner.

Is it possible for her day to get any worse? The answer, apparently, is “yes.” Together, we find out that nothing is really “impossible.”

*MCFP = Mortal City Force Police

Into the Rift
Maxamilian Collier searches his past to understand how his grandfather (the famed historian and archeologist Daniel Collier) was lost while exploring the the enormous canyon known as The Rift.

It’s an adventure in the tradition of Doc Savage and other great jungle adventure stories as young Max and his grandfather’s friends (“The Midlands Historical Society”) risk life and limb on an adventure that could change The Wasted Lands forever.

The Iron Wars
Read first-person journal accounts of Iron Wars veterans compiled by historical journalist Timothy Jonn. During his research and subsequent reporting, Jonn uncovers insights into the turmoil that now wracks The Wasted Lands – and puts himself at risk by doing so.

Inspired by stories of heroism by actual Medal of Honor recipients, the battles and firefights recounted in the stories of these vets recount the honor and heroism of the individuals while reflecting the horrors of a war fought for all the wrong reasons.

Showdown at Pine Bluff
Edgar “Edge” Wallace – a member of the legendary Riders of the Outland Plains – must track down his own history to save a small town from a crew of Hollow Men.

You’ll see why “Edge” is known as the greatest Rider in the history of the Outland Plains as he uses a combination of his wits, toughness and sheer guts to overcome impossible odds.

The League of Heroes
In a time before our contemporary stories of The Wasted Lands, there was a band of heroes who made one last, desperate effort to save civilization. Their exploits are the thing of songs in the Northern Wild.

We sing it for you here.