Riding through the dust, dirt and grasslands that make up the Outland Plain, Edgar “Edge” Wallace is one of an elite group of lawmen charged with keeping the freefolk of the Unity Federation safe from mercenaries, carpet baggers and the dreaded Hollow Men.

From Chronicles of The Wasted Lands (2013)

Edgar “Edge” Wallace is aranger who  patrols the region known as the Outland Plains on a massive motorcycle. He earned the name “Edge” early on in his crime fighting career when it became known that he preferred to take risks and “live on the edge” if there was a chance of capturing a criminal or saving someone’s life.

Landslides miss him. Stampedes avoid hm. Things just seem to keep working out. Every break seems to go Edge’s way – a fact that, in this world at least, means there’s more at work than just blind luck.

Edge also carries an old sword wrapped in an oil-stained cloth with him wherever he goes. The markings on the sword are in a forgotten language that he does not quite understand – but during his on-going adventures, he sees signs along the way.