Mortal City’s brightest investigative mind may be working in the dark corners of the city’s morgue. Meet M. d’Cease – a brilliant scientist with a history cloaked in shadows.

M. d’Cease has earned a reputation as Mortal City’s brightest mind when it comes to reading the tales buried inside the dead bodies that trail into the city morgue day after day.

But in addition to her reputation as a brilliant forensic coroner, M.’s personal history is cloaked in shadows. Some say she’s a refugee from the guerrilla wars being fought in the far-off Empire Forest. Others say she’s a witch of some sort, come from the Northland to prey on those deemed to be “undeserving.” Others still say she’s miss understood, claiming her detractors confuse her compassion for the less fortunate with a more sinister desire.

It’s possible they could all be right – to one degree or another.

From The Chronicles of the Wasted Lands (2013)

There’s only one woman in all of the Southern Lands’ capitol city who can hold her own with the man once known as “The Cleaner of Enigma” – the elite (and feared) special investigations unit of the Mortal City Force Police.

Her name is M. d’Cease and you don’t really want to meet her. That’s because as the coronoer for the MCFP, most of the citizens she meets are stone cold dead.

Which is fine by her.