Showdown at Pine Bluff

One of a series of stories from a larger collection entitled Riders of the Outland Plain, this story introduces you to Edgar “Edge” Wallace a member of the legendary Riders – a select group of lawmen entrusted with keeping the piece between the small cities and towns that dot the barren and rugged landscape of the area known as Unity.

In this first story, Edge must track down his own history to save a small town from a crew of Hollow Men – living (or are they) monsters with no eyes, sharp teeth and an apetite for human flesh and terrorize the frontiersmen by attacking in large hordes under the control of “foremen” working for Cyrus Vanderbilt and The Midlands Mining Company as they try to acquire what’s left of Unity after the Iron Wars.

You’ll see why “Edge” is known as the greatest Rider in the history of the Outland Plains as he uses a combination of his wits, toughness and sheer guts to overcome impossible odds.